About Afro.Empress

BIO. Amenta B. | Born to a Nigerian mother, and an American Father. My upbringing unfolded across neighborhoods of various states and countries.  This mosaic of experiences exposed me to varying philosophies, lifestyles, and cultural practices, fostering a profound understanding of indigenous societies and their customs.

Navigating this, I not only absorbed the distinct nuances of diverse cultures but also discovered underlying threads of unity that collectively shape modern society. From this background, I found inspiration for my creative endeavors. Drawing from the narratives and ancestral journey of my own lineage, I weave these shared similarities into the fabric of my artistic expression today. My work as a fashion design and graphic artist, stands as a testament to the interconnectedness of humanity and nature along with the myriad stories that contribute to our collective identity.


ARTIST STATEMENT. My creative process is a harmonious fusion of diverse artistic disciplines, a bridge between tradition and contemporary innovation. With fashion, clothing, accessories and graphic design, I weave silhouettes and craft visuals that embody the feminine, express culture, and reinforce our relationship with nature. 

I employ a blend of techniques including design construction, graphic production, layering, patterning, and weaving. I create visual and wearable art that utilize a palette of colors, shapes, contouring and symbolism to evoke spiritual connections, honor cultural heritage, and distill the very essence of the feminine identity. My process is a delicate equilibrium between honed technique and daring experimentation; it is about more than making beautiful pieces, it’s about evoking emotion through the work, in the form of icons of the feminine spirit, that prompt contemplation on our interconnection with nature.

My compositions draw from my spiritual journey and life experiences, and the resulting intertwining of perspective, craft, mediums, and materials, form the base, structure, and core of my artistic vision. It is a narrative intricately woven with precision and fueled by passion.

Through my art, I aspire to contribute to a broader discourse on notions of identity, sustainable living, and the transformative potential of art to transcend societal boundaries. I invite viewers to explore the threads of our experiences that reinforce our bond with nature and the self; amidst the kaleidoscope of cultures that define our world. I work to create art that resonates deeply, bringing audiences to reflect, connect, and celebrate our shared human experience.


VISION. I am an artist who through fashion, digital art and craft, creates works that encapsulate perspectives on beauty, spirituality, nature, and society. I channel my imagination through a unique aesthetic that exudes grace, cultural majesty & celebrates the power of sensual femininity.

Drawing upon an array of materials and textures, I endeavor to produce artwork that is visually captivating but also inspires and celebrates the multifaceted nature of our individual and collective identities. I employ vibrant colors to harness the power of natural elements like flowers and water. I also use fashion styling and accessories to express ideas about the feminine spirit, nature, and cultural perspective

I founded Taumeti Design House in 2021 as a beacon of art, culture, authenticity and responsibility. 

My work embodies a fusion of tradition and innovation, reflecting my commitment to craftsmanship and artistic expression. I integrate graphics and textiles across multiple platforms to produce compositions that serve as windows into the spirit of the feminine, an interconnected relationship with nature, and the influence of society and culture. Every element is deliberate, aimed at imbuing these works with a depth of feeling. Through this process, I strive to convey the deep-rooted moods, histories, cultures, and attitudes that define black women while shedding light on the inherent beauty of the spirit that is often overshadowed or diminished.